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 Cover in Biotropica

My first cover in Biotropica! Great to see that specific picture that we took with Oriol Massana Valeriano around 3 years ago in the cover of such scientific journal. This issue includes a scientific paper about the forest fragmentation effects on bats according to their sex, and was led by my colleague Ricardo Rocha (Title: Does sex matter? Gender-specific responses to forest fragmentation in Neotropical bats?)

Project led by Christoph Meyer (University of Salford) and funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, from Portugal. More information here:

The same image was used for the cover of our new book: Field Guide to the bats of the Amazon, which will be soon released in paper, published by Pelagic Publishing.

Cover in Mammal Review

My first cover in Mammal Review! I am glad that the long nights trapping bats in Madagascar within our new project on Bats, Forests and Rice are being highlighted in other formats rather than scientific papers :)

Project led by the Global Change and Conservation group in the University of Helsinki (Mar Cabeza, Daniel Burgas, Ricardo Rocha, Álvaro Fernández-Llamazares, Zo Andriatafika, Santatra Andriamitandrina, Tafita Tojosoa Rakotoarimanana and many others!) More information here:


Bats, forests and rice

This video documents through photography an interdisciplinary research project on the bats of Madagascar by the Global Change and Conservation (GCC) group, from the University of Helsinki (Finland). This project is led by Dr. Mar Cabeza and has been funded by the University of Helsinki and the Academy of Finland. All the pictures have been taken by awarded photographer Joan de la Malla. More information at

New book: Field Guide to Amazonian Bats

Making of the ‘Field Guide to Amazonian Bats’. Production by Madalena Boto and music by ‘Of Monsters and Men‘.

Winds of hope for Sibiloi – Swara

Another photo-article from our first expedition in Turkana Lake (Kenya) published by Swara! with pictures by Daniel Burgas, Mar Cabeza, Álvaro Fernández, Sara Fraixedas & Adrià López-Baucells.










pdf Download full article (November 2016)


Breaking the cradle of humankind – Biosphere

New photo-article from our pilot expedition in Turkana Lake (Kenya) published by @biospheremag! with pictures by Adrià López-Baucells, Daniel Burgas & Mar Cabeza.


pdf Download full article (August 2016)


Amazonian Nightlife – Biosphere

New photo-article from our field trip in Brazil published by @biospheremag! Nocturnal animal survival strategies in Central Amazon with pictures by Oriol Massana & Adrià López-Baucells.


pdf Download full article (January 2016)


The Jungle of the Night – Biosphere

Amazonian Bats make it to the cover of @biospheremag! 20 page long article by Adrià López-Baucells; pictures: Oriol Massana & Adrià López-Baucells.








pdf Download full article (October 2015)


Amazonian bats – BBC Wildlife

Lasiurus egregius: new bat species reported in Central Amazon; featured in a short article entitled “Amazonian bats” in the September issue of the Wildlife Magazine, BBC. Pictures by Oriol Massana Valeriano & Adrià López-Baucells. (Setember 2015)









Amazônia renascida das cinzas – National Geographic

Amazon fieldwork featured in a 14 page long article entitled “Amazonian forest fragments – Islands of life” in the March issue of the Brazilian National Geographic magazine Amazon and “Amazon – Reborn from the Ashes” in the October issue of the Portuguese National Geographic magazine. Pictures by Madalena Boto:


Descobreix els ratpenats

Exposition “Discover bats!” 

Museu de Ciències Naturals Granollers          facebook Museu Granollers

This exposition has been designed by Oriol Massana and myself, and officially presented in the Granollers Natural Science Museum in 2014.

Awesome job by Oriol Massana Valeriano, presented as one of the main attractions of our exposition “Discover bats!” in the Museu de Ciències Naturals de Granollers (Granollers Museum of Natural Sciences).


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